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This Blog contains occasional articles on Yoga, Meditation and Wellness. Hope you are going to enjoy my thoughts on these subjects

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This blog contains articles on Yoga, on having emotional balance, keeping the consciousness high, using pranayama, acupressure, and Heartfulness Meditation. This is specially needed these days with the COVID-19 Pandemic where there is an element of fear, anxiety and stress in the collective consciousness. Purpose of this blog is to give information about these subjects to people to manage their anxiety and stress and to enable path for self-growth. Please give me feedback in the blog or reach me at

Vasu Murthy

Removing Fear Consciousness, Immunity Builder and Meditation

Here we discuss simple Yogic techniques to remove fear from our consciousness, improve wellness and have a balanced mind using Heartfulness Meditation.

Fear Detox, Immunity Builder and Meditation- Part-I

Here we discuss more breathing techniques to remove fear, enhance immunity and have a balanced mind using Meditation.

Fear Detox, Japanese Acupressure and Heartfulness Meditation- Part-II

Here we focus on Japanese Acupressure technique called Jin Shin Jyutsu and Heart based Meditation.

Poem on Virus, Fear, Awareness and Love

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